John A. Johnson


My primary research focus is on the detection and characterization of exoplanets. One of my research programs is concerned with studying the relationships between exoplanets and the physical properties of the stars they orbit. @astrojohnjohn

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Jennifer Yee


I am a Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow. My research focuses on exoplanet detection with gravitational microlensing. I am particularly interested in understanding the variety and distribution of planets across all distances and mass ranges. Microlensing offers a way to probe find the small planets that are far from their host stars.


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Luan Ghezzi


I am a CAPES Postodoctoral Fellow under the Brazilian federal program Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science without Borders). I use stellar spectroscopy to study the physical properties of planet-hosting stars. My research is particularly focused on understanding how the stellar properties (such as chemical composition and mass) influence the formation, evolution and architecture of planetary systems.

Ben Montet


I'm interested in using dynamics to characterize interacting systems containing low-mass stars, brown dwarfs, and exoplanets. I like tackling problems at the intersections of multipleobservational techniques, including radial velocity observations, Kepler/K2 photometry, and adaptive optics imaging. I am also broadly interested in problems at the intersection of astronomy and statistics, where a noisy data set requires a careful statistical approach to uncover meaningful results.  @benmontet


Yutong Shan


As a first-year graduate student under John Johnson, I use data from exoplanet missions like the Kepler Space Telescope to characterize M-dwarf binary star systems and the statistics thereof. Findings will inform topics including planet detection algorithms, late-type stellar formation/evolution, and circumbinary habitability, all within the domain of broader interests shared by myself and the (astrophysical & astrobiological) community. 


Andrew Vanderburg


I'm interested in exoplanet detection and characterization, especially using Kepler and K2 data. I spend much of my time thinking about novel data reduction and analysis strategies that let me squeeze as much information out of the data as possible.


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Jose do Nascimento


I am visitng scientist at the CfA and a professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Brazilian Federal University UFRN (Natal, Brazil). My research is focused on the physical properties of solar twins (stars particularly similar to the Sun), subgiant stars and properties of exoplanets orbiting these stars..


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Andrew Mayo


I am a sophomore undergraduate at Harvard with a strong interest in physics and astrophysics. I am working with graduate student Andrew Vanderburg on the relationship between the mass, radius, and flux of exoplanets.



Nina Hooper


I’m a junior undergraduate majoring in Astrophysics. I’m working with Professor Johnson and a team of other undergraduates on PHATS, a project  which seeks to detect and characterize exoplanets from the ground using only DSLR cameras and standard, inexpensive equipment. 



Inez Khan


I'm a senior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. I work with Professor Johnson and undergraduate Nina Hooper on PHATS, a project that uses DSLR cameras to search for transiting planets.